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I think the fear of creating bad stuff, bad art, bad images is the worst of all fears for a creative person, professional or amateur.

I tried to copy this beautiful piece by this wonderful artist Jamel Akib only to quickly realize that its not as easy as it looks. It was fun, but the end result hardly stands(doesn't even kneel upto, crawl more like it) up to the original one. I...

— scattered thoughts
This one's a memory from a couple years back, I think.  My son, Smayan's first visit to a zoo, the Nandan Kanan. He was particularly excited to see a real 'Z for Zebra'. Zebra was probably the only wild animal that was in his new word book.

What started out as a doodle, ended up as Amita. 3 remakes - 5 hours - Mechanical pencil on Bond paper....

The first week of February, we were in Siem Reap, Krabi, Bangkok and Singapore. Here's a happy video from that trip. Check it out.

WOW, you are turning three this Monday and I feel as if time is just wheezing past us. It feels as if it was yesterday when we held you in our hands for the first time. The memory of that day is so vivid; probably...