Zebra eating Mushrooms…
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Zebra eating Mushrooms…

This one’s a memory from a couple years back, I think.  My son, Smayan’s first visit to a zoo, the Nandan Kanan. He was particularly excited to see a real ‘Z for Zebra’. Zebra was probably the only wild animal that was in his new word book.

But when we reached the Zebra section, the zebras were eating at a distance and wouldn’t show their faces. We waited for quite some time but didn’t happen. Smayan, dissapointed!

Next day early morning, he gets up and says ‘Mama, I saw a zebra in my dream’.
Mama asked “And what was the zebra doing?”
He says “Eating mushrooms!!” 😎 😎

Watercolor on handmade paper. 10in. x 15in.

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