Smayan turns three…
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Smayan turns three

Smayan turns three…

WOW, you are turning three this Monday and I feel as if time is just wheezing past us. It feels as if it was yesterday when we held you in our hands for the first time. The memory of that day is so vivid; probably it will feel that way for many more years to come. Needless to say, it was one of the best days of our life.

And the days after that have only gotten better. You started crawling, walking and talking, giggling all the way. It has been like the best movie I have ever seen. Twists and turns, fantastic surprises and thorough happiness.

And it only gets better from here. And I am so so excited for the movie to open up. To see you go to school, excel at something, have best friends and crushes, Argue and be different, Love and be loved back.

Thank you for making us a part of your life! Happy Birthday!!

P.S. I know you can’t read this. And maybe by the time you are old enough this blog wouldn’t exist anymore. But if you somehow stumble across this note, keep it with you. And if some day, somehow I become an old fart that is pissed on you because you outgrew us, show this note to us and say, whatever little sacrifices we made for you cannot ever make up for all the happiness you gave us and you have nothing to pay back!

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