Suryakant Raut - Portrait Painter and Baby Photographer in Hyderabad, India | Kunu’s August – Turning Two
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Kunu’s August – Turning Two

Kids grow up so bloody fast. It seems like yesterday, Kunu was what… 15 inches long and today morning he punched me so hard, I almost had tears in my eyes.

For this video, I shot a little piece every day of August, 2012 and then edited it all down to a little over five seconds each. It’s interesting to be able to look back on how he grew up through this month.

For him, August was a very happening month – he travelled a lot, ate new things, met a lot of friends and family members, started singing smile emoticon, went to a movie for the first time and did a lot of other first-time things.

As for me, creating this video was the most wonderful thing that I did last month…

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