Suryakant Raut - Portrait Painter and Baby Photographer in Hyderabad, India | The Best Baby Photographer in India
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Hello, I am Suryakant.

Husband Best Friend, Father, Professional Baby Photographer, Amateur painter, Creator of stuff, Lover of the sea. Human Being, generally rational, forgetful, careless and sometimes totally irresponsible.


Since I have had consciousness, my happiness has always been in creating… Creating new and interesting content keeps me up at night, keeps me going through the day, keeps me looking forward to the next dawn and pretty much drives my whole life.


Whether it is a painting, a sketch, a photograph of today’s sunset, a simple presentation of existing facts in a new way, it is in creation that all my happiness lies. It is not a way of life, it’s almost an obsession.



My journey with making images started in 2010 with my first baby purely out of necessity because there were no baby photographers around. It was not a thing…  I’m fairly new and consider myself still a learner in the craft. But I’ll tell you this, life has absolutely changed since I started seeing the world in frames.

Photography has made me see the beauty in the world around us and also share with the world what I see.



I have always loved to paint. Since childhood. Even as a child I always wanted to be a painter. Needless to say, things didn’t turn that way. But since I left my job, I have tried to rekindle my relation with brushes and canvas. I aim to make some art every week, an aim in which I fail regularly but will like to do better.


So coming to the point why this blog. Why this blog now…  


Because I am scared.


I’m just going to say it. Maybe if I keep saying it aloud it will become less scary. Maybe if I say it aloud it will increase the odds of it happening. Maybe if I say it aloud it will work. Or maybe I will just fail with all of you watching. Okay, I thought about it and I’m still going to say it.


2017 is the year SK (me!) takes his artwork to the next level.


That means I sell something. Maybe more than something, two somethings, or even three. It means I paint frantically, passionately and furiously. It means I dare and show my work to people. It means I take risks and attempt to build something from all of the things I’ve learned over the past two years. It means I take all of these concepts I’ve had floating around in my head and make them real. It means I really DO something with this chance that I have to be a “real” Artist (with a capital A).


This is really terrifying… I need some chocolate.


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